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If you would like to get involved with ACTc, please email us and answer the following questions:

  1. Degree Type
  2. Years in practice
  3. Country
  4. Comments or Suggestions

Translators Needed!


Gasshead is looking for Spanish, Italian, and French Anesthesia Providers and Educators to translate ACTc to their language and adjust for regional information. They will own, be responsible for their language version, and can also direct further ACTc modules for their regions. Contact for details.

Oct 18, 2010, Current version has been updated to 4.0.2 for formatting issues on Drug screen. All users of 4.0.1 must upgrade to the current version ASAP.

Full version at iTunes

Lite Version at iTunes

Quick Tip:

If you are in a limited wifi area and cannot connect to the internet, you can still use ACTc.


  1. Goto your iPhone/iTouch settings menu and disable your wifi
  2. Sign onto ACTc
  3. You are now able to use ACTc offline
  4. When you have internet service again, sign back on to take advantage of all of ACTc's features.

Want to Add a Drug?

You must fist sign into the Web Portal *

Remember that your email address on file is Case Sensitive

  1. Click on the "Add Drug" Feature
  2. Enter the data for the new medication
  3. Click Save
  4. Sign out
  5. Sync your handheld by going to "More ACTc" area
  6. Click on "ACTc Synchronize"
  7. Select Drugs to Sync your new additions
  8. They will appear in both the Snap Shot selection list as well as in the Drug Screen.
  9. Further modification can be done either on the iPhone/iTouch or via the web portal
  10. To delete a drug, Search for the drug via the Web Portal and select the delete link, then confirm (default drugs cannot be deleted)


Gasshead LLC

Send your questions to:


Gasshead LLC

PO Box 172

Rollins MT 59931


Suggestions or Inquiries

If you would like to add a component, have specific quetions about customization or add ons, please email:


Building ACTc in is not possible with feedback from anesthesia professionals about their needs or vision. Talk to the Designer about your ideas or questions!

Anthony T Young

ACTc Team Leader, Gasshead

406 249 9394






Contact Information

We are aware of the current incompatibilities with iPhone 6 and are working towards a fix. Please try the free version prior to any purchasing of our software to assure compatibility.

Any inquires can be sent to us using the information to the right.