Blood and Drug Screens


Updates and Fixes


1. Please uninstall ACTc from your handheld. You do not need to delete the program from your application library in iTunes. Reinstall and synchronize the databases PRIOR to any use of ACTc to correct a database.

2. Error Fix: If ACTc is exiting prematurely, please re-install by deleting ACTc on your device and iTunes library. Then download the newest version and reinstall.

Quick Tip:

If you are in a limited wifi area and cannot connect to the internet, you can still use ACTc.


  1. Goto your iPhone/iTouch settings menu and disable your wifi
  2. Sign onto ACTc
  3. You are now able to use ACTc offline
  4. When you have internet service again, sign back on to take advantage of all of ACTc's features.

Want to Add a Drug?

You must fist sign into the Web Portal *

Remember that your email address on file is Case Sensitive

  1. Click on the "Add Drug" Feature
  2. Enter the data for the new medication
  3. Click Save
  4. Sign out
  5. Sync your handheld by going to "More ACTc" area
  6. Click on "ACTc Synchronize"
  7. Select Drugs to Sync your new additions
  8. They will appear in both the Snap Shot selection list as well as in the Drug Screen.
  9. Further modification can be done either on the iPhone/iTouch or via the web portal
  10. To delete a drug, Search for the drug via the Web Portal and select the delete link, then confirm (default drugs cannot be deleted)

Screen Shot 1

Screen Shot 2

Screen Shot 3


Note: that at the top of most screens in ACTc, you can change the Patient Type and weight (kg) - please click the "Update" button for changes to be accepted. Additionally, a "Notes Feature" has been added to allow you to take notes.


On this screen, Estimated Blood Volume and Allowable Blood loss is calculated from both the patient type and weight inputted against the default starting HCT (40) to lower HCT value (30)

  • Initial HCT and End HCT can be changed by clicking the desired box and typing in a new value.
  • The transfusion section provides the user to input the current HCT and desired ending HCT.
  • Packed Red Blood Cells and Whole Blood values are provided in mL and Units.
    • Clicking the down arrow switches between PRBC and WB values
  • On the Bottom of the screen, different calculations for other products are also provided with the associated calculations and their values are shown
    • Platelets (in units)
    • Fresh Frozen Plasma (FFP) in mL and units
    • Cryoprecipitate (Cryo) in units
  • Clicking on the "Patho States" and "DIC Test Values" brings up further blood related information.

Drug Screen

Drugs are categorized and are individually selected by scrolling down to the bottom of the screen

  • Drug Screen Various drugs are listed under their prospective categories.
  • The top of the Screen show general information of the selected medication
  • Drug details can be modified by scrolling down and selecting the drug and then clicking “Go’
  • Remember to click "Update" to update your changes
  • If you Sync your iPhone, the changes will be uploaded to your personal drug database

To add a drug or delete a drug

Can be done only via the WEB PORTAL and requires a sync from the handheld which you initiate. See the information to the bottom left of this screen for details

A Reminder

On each screen, ACTc has a “Help” button which explains in detail the research that establishes the calculation and thought flow of that specific screen. A complete list of references can be found in the About US section under “Readings” as well as some of our testers who took their valuable time to assist in ACTc’s development.

Legal Notice: ACTc is an educational tool that stresses many important aspects of the science of anesthesia. It accomplishes this by showing the multiplicities and connections of the daily calculations that every anesthesia provider uses for each case. Each calculation is further explained in detailed within each help section. Every effort has been made to ensure that the proper information has been provided to assist in the educational aspect of this program. Your use of ACTc releases its developers and Gasshead from any liability from ACTc use or misuse. ACTc is intended for education use only and is not intended to replace or dictate clinical decisions by trained anesthesia providers. Gasshead wishes the best of luck to all of its users