ACTc Version 4 for iPhone/iTouch

ACTc for the iPhone now integrates the popular characteristics of the iPhone with online clinical networking for case sharing, new visual tools to further clinical concepts, case specific review of current research, as well as most of the popular tools seen in previous versions of ACTc

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Updates and Fixes


1. Please uninstall ACTc from your handheld. You do not need to delete the program from your application library in iTunes. Reinstall and synchronize the databases PRIOR to any use of ACTc to correct a database.

2. Error Fix: If ACTc is exiting prematurely, please re-install by deleting ACTc on your device and iTunes library. Then download the newest version and reinstall.

Quick Tip:

If you are in a limited wifi area and cannot connect to the internet, you can still use ACTc.


  1. Goto your iPhone/iTouch settings menu and disable your wifi
  2. Sign onto ACTc
  3. You are now able to use ACTc offline
  4. When you have internet service again, sign back on to take advantage of all of ACTc's features.

Want to Add a Drug?

You must fist sign into the Web Portal *

Remember that your email address on file is Case Sensitive

  1. Click on the "Add Drug" Feature
  2. Enter the data for the new medication
  3. Click Save
  4. Sign out
  5. Sync your handheld by going to "More ACTc" area
  6. Click on "ACTc Synchronize"
  7. Select Drugs to Sync your new additions
  8. They will appear in both the Snap Shot selection list as well as in the Drug Screen.
  9. Further modification can be done either on the iPhone/iTouch or via the web portal
  10. To delete a drug, Search for the drug via the Web Portal and select the delete link, then confirm (default drugs cannot be deleted)

Download here -Full Version

Join the Worldwide Anesthesia Community. Download ACTc v4 Today!


*Note: Prior to any use, Sync ACTc immediately after installation

** Also, after changing patient types, to refresh the drug screen, select a new drug category (different from the current drug categry selection).

The fresh new look of the iPhone/iTouch enables ACTc to showcase newer interactive tools!

  • ACTc version 4 has new integrated features to encourage information sharing between providers through its case sharing features. This enables each user to review, use, and provide feedback on the shared cases from its users.

Improved Access Features

  • ACTc version 4 has also added a web based portal to help users organize and modify their own case and medication database that has complete synchronization with their iPhone or iTouch device

Keep up to Date

  • Education never stops and keeping up to date with relevant research is vitally important for each user. ACTc has now an integrated Research Feature that searches for pre-evaluation and management anesthetic considerations through the 20 million articles in the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI).* Furthermore, ACTc allows for note taking and saving of each article which is also made accessible via the users web portal account.

All the above with the tools standard for ACTc:

  • Patient Specific Case Setups
    • For several patient types:
      • Newborn
      • Infant
      • Child
      • Adult Females and Males
      • Geriatric Females and Males
    • Inputting physical information provides additional information
      • Body Mass Index
      • Ideal Body weight
      • Adjust Body weight
      • ETT and LMA information
      • Pediatric vital signs data
      • Operative fluid requirements
      • Estimated Blood Volume, Allowable Blood Loss
  • Surgical details
    • Select from the default case database or search through the uploaded cases from other users
      • Includes Case details for management and setup
      • Most importantly, it allows customization, modification, and creation of new cases for your own use and/or sharing with the rest of the anesthesia community.
  • Customizable Drug Databases
    • Add, Change, Delete, make notes to any variable that helps you in your own understanding
  • Inhalational Agent interactive tools
    • See the interactions of all the current inhalational agents in regards to age, minimum alveolar concentration (MAC) multiples, and temperature upon MAC
    • Provides side by side comparison to MAC40 (MAC at age 40)
    • Shows actual MAC values
    • Integrates ET Inhalational values with respect to case duration to provide CSDT to MAC awake.
  • Blood and Transfusion calculations
    • Estimated Blood volumes, Allowable Losses, Estimation of Actual HCT based on Blood loss, Estimation of volume and units needed (in packed red blood cells and whole blood) from low HCT to desired HCT, along with calculations for fresh frozen plasma, cryoprecipitate, and platelets.
  • IV fluid tutorials and tracking
    • NPO deficits, hourly maintenance, evaporative losses, hourly total tracking, comparison tool to compare volume inputted to calculated volumes, replacement calculators based on various ratios (1:3 vs. 1:1) using balanced isotonic crystalloid, colloids, or a mix
  • Spinal and Epidural Guides
    • The most common local anesthetic information is provided for various desired block levels
    • Stratified duration and 2 Level regression information
    • Both spinal and epidural opiate guides
  • MH calculator
    • Showing amount of Dantrolene in ml using specific weight inputted
    • Both emergent and Non emergent information with reprinting privileges provided by the US and Canadian MH associations.
  • Peripheral Nerve and Dermatome guides
    • Zoomable and easily accessible!
  • And much much more!

Think out of the box and bring theory to Life.

*Full article viewing is available if article is free. Download and viewing of paid content is the responsibility of each individual user.

Education is the Focus

  • The changing arena of health care has brought more attention to all areas of medicine. Funds are tight and Gasshead wanted to continue to maintain its focus on education.
  • In the true spirit of making education available to all users throughout the world, Gasshead has dramatically reduced the cost of the full version of ACTc to just $9.99.
    • This low fee assists in general maintenance and funds future projects.
  • ACTc is available also available in a Lite version which has temporary popup messages

Note: On each screen, ACTc has a “Help” button which explains in detail the research that establishes the calculation and thought flow of that specific screen. A complete list of references can be found in the About US section under “Readings” as well as list of some of our testers who took their valuable time to assist in ACTc’s development.


Legal Notice: ACTc is an educational tool that stresses many important aspects of the science of anesthesia. It accomplishes this by showing the multiplicities and connections of the daily calculations that every anesthesia provider uses for each case. Each calculation is further explained in detailed within each help section. Every effort has been made to ensure that the proper information has been provided to assist in the educational aspect of this program. Your use of ACTc releases its developers and Gasshead from any liability from ACTc use or misuse. ACTc is intended for education use only and is not intended to replace or dictate clinical decisions by trained anesthesia providers. Gasshead wishes the best of luck to all of its users.